NZ OPEN 2019 Round Up

Hosted by Manawatu Blokart Club.

NZ BAI Open. October  2019

This year’s event was held at the Sanson track and Ohakea.

Quite a contingent arrived on Wednesday  for weigh in and scrutineering, it was cold and damp with   conditions making parking at the domain a bit dodgy.

So to Thursday with fine but cold conditions,  cars and campers arrived in mass and were guided to there parks and the  show got under way.

Sailing began around 10-30 am at the Sanson track with the course set for a North West wind but the course had changes as the wind increased to around 32 knots  making sailing challenging for many sailors. There were several capsizes, and a bit of kart damage as some ran in to the fence turning into that wind with a flapping sail and no steerage. Sailing was stopped for a while as the lights and production struggled.  The day finished early with the heavies  and super heavies.

Many went to the Sanson community hall for the NZ BAI AGM followed by drinks and nibbles an estimate of about 75.

Friday saw fine but cool conditions with a light to moderate breeze. The breeze started  from the NW and ended the day SW and light, with some wheeling.   The course was changed several times to suit the wind. Over all a pleasant day without any dramas.

Saturday we headed to Ohakea.   After a slightly delayed start, sailing started in a anti clockwise direction but after a few races, was changed to clockwise as the wind shifted ,  to have a good tacking leg.  The wind was steady  around 25 to 30 km, making for great sailing on the 2.5 km circuit of smooth asphalt. 78km was recorded.  The first round was run in weight divisions  then doubled up with a 2min delay between groups, with 8 and 10 min races. This continued through the day.  At the end of sailing most went to the Ohakea lounge for drinks and nibbles.

Super heavies in Action

Sunday saw the same program as Saturday,  followed by a prize giving dinner where 95 enjoyed a tasty meal and the worthy place getters received their medals, well done to you all.  The Sanson community hall,  had a make over with fancy table clothes, shrubs, balloons and a back lit screen showing the names of each place getters.   Well done to all who had the vision for it all.   Very impressive!!

It was obvious that if tacking was your strong point,. your results tended to be  good, for the rest of us more practice is needed.  Over the four days it highlighted the fact that the sailing rules need to be taught in clubs with the hope that there would be less frustration amongst sailors

Our Very Own National Champion – Congratulations Trevor

Thanks to the hosts MBC, and those who worked hard to make this event a success. If the wind conditions are similar to this event,  then the world’s event next year should not be missed, so put it in your diary.  

This will be held over the dates Thursday 24th October – Sunday 27th October.

There will be 2 days of racing at the Sanson Track and 2 days of racing at Ohakea Airforce base.

RESULTS: (Full Results for each Division are Linked to the Titles below)

Light’s                            1st Deb Davidson              2nd Amanda Norris           3rd Dave Pearson

Middles                         1st Trevor Register           2nd Bob Louden                 3rd Rudi Dekker

Heavies                         1st Alex Morris                   2nd John Nicholson           3rd Russell Harray

Super Heavies           1st Theo Vondervoot      2nd Terry Helm                   3rdDavie Norris

Production Lights   1st Bryn Wooding              2nd Frank Csizmark           3rd Donald Palmer

Production Heavies    1st Ian Timperley               2nd Brett Fitzgerald